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Strong Frame Expert:

  • The trainer is adjustable both in width and in height

  • The "Expert" frame is designed for users aged 14 and older, with and without experience.

  • Supports the elbows slightly above the shoulders and exerts pressure on them
  • Helps to feel the connection of hands with the body
  • And fix the problem with protruding shoulders of any complexity!
  • Has a system of raising the elbows higher than the shoulders, thereby being a universal simulator for a partner boy and a partner girl
  • The weight of the structure is not felt back
  • Hands in the design do not relax! due to the fact that the elbows are higher and pressure is applied to the shoulders
  • Your back muscles will always be in good shape
  • The model adapts to body build and arm length
  • From 155 cm, approximate growth limit above 2 meters

Dimensions: width 80 cm, height 20 cm, depth 14 cm, weight 1,270 kg.

Strong Frame Expert

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  • Exercises with the simulator help to build a beautiful position, improve the line of the arms and shoulders, and master the correct positioning of the upper body.
    Exercising with the simulator is safe for the elbow and shoulder joints, as well as the spine. It is not difficult to practice with it, since no special preparation is required, and it is almost impossible to get injured. The trajectory is strictly defined, so the stabilizing muscles are not connected to the process, which means that the load is distributed evenly and strictly to the target group of muscles.

    The frame “Expert” is designed for users of all ages, with or without experience.

    These simulators can be used in a year-round intensive mode 24/7. Each of them is easy to store and transport.

    For production, aluminum profiles are used, which guarantee stable strength and lightweight indicators of finished structures.

    In general, our designs are characterized by:
    durability and reliability, long service life, versatility for users

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