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Strong Frame is a team of acting coaches and dancers from Ukraine, concentrate their attention on the quality of dance. In recent years, our country has established itself on the dance floor with the best hand. From Juvenal to Professional, in almost every category, if not the winners, then our couples dance in the finals. That is why it motivates us to help everyone who wants to develop and display the art of dancing at the latest level.

      Our company was founded in the summer of 2017. But before that, 2 years were developed, and tests were conducted to achieve maximum effect and reliability. Many winners and finalists participated in the tests, left their feedback and recommendations, and now use our products to achieve maximum goals.

   Strong frame – this is the first universal simulator that was designed for ballroom dancing, namely, to correct and improve the position of the body, swap and strengthen the muscular system, coordinate the upper and lower parts of the body, and facilitate the training process. In our time, little things are important in dancing, and if you want to be TOP, then you are with us.

Regards, Strong frame team!

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