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Strong Frame PRO:

  • Adjustable in width

  • For dancers who are 14 years old and above, this is relevant.

  • weight of the structure is not felt back
  • hands in the design do not relax! due to the fact that the elbows are higher and pressure is applied to the shoulders
  • your back muscles will always be in good shape
  • the model adapts to body build and arm length
  • from 155 cm, approximate growth limit above 2 meters

Dimensions: width 80 cm, height 20 cm, depth 14 cm, weight 1 kg.

Strong Frame PRO

SKU: 02
  • This product has the following features:
    - It supports the elbows slightly above the shoulders and exerts pressure on them.
    - It helps to feel the connection of hands with the body.
    - It can fix the problem with protruding shoulders of any complexity!
    - It has a system of raising the elbows higher than the shoulders, making it a universal simulator for both partner boys and partner girls.

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